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Learn how to cook all different types of bread recipes.

Indian Bread Recipes

Roti or Chapatti

Chapatti or Roti

Chapatti is main indian bread recipe. Chapatti is also called Roti and Phulka.


Rice Roti or Rice Chapatti

Rice Roti is gluten free flatbread. Rice Roti is also called Rice Chapatti. Here is Rice roti recipe.


Puri – Deep Fried Small Chapatti

Puri or Puree

Puri is a deep fried Chapatti and Puri is one of the indian bread recipes.


Spicy Puri

Spicy Puri is a deep fried Chapatti but it has got a little spice kick.



Bhatura is a deep fried Chapatti which is normally made with Chhole (Chick Pea Curry).


Farali RecipesRajgira Puri (Amaranth Flour Puri)

Rajgira Puri is mede from rajgira flour (Amaranth Flour) and normally eaten during fasting. Rajgira Puri is gluten free puri (gluten free deep fried flat bread).


Flat Bread From Oven

Naan Bread

Indian Naan Bread is widely used with most of all kinds of curry recipes.


Garlic Naan Recipe

Garlic Naan Recipe has got grated garlic on the top of naan bread and gives strong taste to naan bread. Garlic naan bread recipe is an easy naan bread recipe and it’s an easy homemade garlic bread.


Kulcha Recipe Kulcha Recipe

Kulcha Recipe is the easiest stuffed oven or tandoor (or even stove top) cooked flatbread recipe. The difference between naan bread and kulcha bread are kulcha is round and yeast free flatbread while naan bread is bit longer in shape and normally used yeast for rising. Kulchas are originated from Punjab.


Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti is normally cooked in the Tandoor (a brick oven) but oven cooked tandoori roti is also great in taste and can be eaten with any curry.


Coriander Naan

Coriander Naan is made from herb coriander and it is an easy naan bread recipe.


Paratha – Stuffed Flat Breads

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is northern indian recipe. It normally can be eaten with plain yogurt or raita.


Lachha Paratha

Lachha Paratha is layered indian flat bread. This Laccha Paratha is a north Indian lachha paratha recipe.


Mooli Paratha (Radish Paratha) Mooli Paratha (Radish Paratha)

Mooli Paratha (Radish Paratha) is stuffed white radish flat bread. Mooli paratha recipe also known as mooli ka paratha, muli paratha recipe, radish paratha, mooli parantha, muli ka paratha, etc…


Palak Paratha Recipe (Spinach Paratha)Palak Paratha Recipe (Spinach Paratha)

Palak Paratha Recipe (Spinach Paratha) is stuffed with spicy and tangy spinach (palak).


Aloo Paneer ParathaAloo Paneer Paratha

Aloo Paneer Paratha is stuffed with mashed potato, crumbled paneer (cottage cheese) and spices.


Sweet Flat Breads

Puran Poli (Pooran Poli)

Puran Poli (Pooran Poli) is sweet lentil stuffed paratha. Marathi Puran Poli (maharashtrian puran poli) contains chana dal while Gujarati Puran Poli contains toor dal (yellow pigeon peas dal).


Thepla – Lightly Shallow Fried Flat Breads

Methi Thepla

Methi Thepla is normally eaten as a breakfast with cup of tea in the monsoon morning in India. This Methi Thepla recipe also called methi ka paratha, methi paratha recipe, etc… in northern India.


Minty Tomato Thepla Recipe Minty Tomato Thepla Recipe

Minty Tomato Thepla Recipe is a shallow fried flat bread made with mint leaves and grated tomatoes.


Kothmir TheplaCoriander Thepla Recipe (Kothmir Thepla Or Dhania Thepla)

Coriander Thepla Recipe (Kothmir Thepla Or Dhania Thepla) is shallow fried coriander (kothmir/dhania) flat bread.


Bread RecipesBhakri (Bhakhari or Dhebra)

Bhakri (Bhakhari or Dhebra) is round flat bread which is made from medium or thick wheat or millet flour. This is very simple gujarati bhakri recipe (gujarati dhebra recipe).


Baking – Bread Roll And Baguette Recipes

White Bread Rolls

White Bread Rolls are very easy to make. This basic white bread recipe is very simple white bread recipe.


Honey Herb Whole Grain BaguetteHoney Herb Whole Grain Baguettes

Honey Herb Whole Grain Baguette is a homemade bread recipe made from whole grain wheat flour with the flavour of honey and herbs.


Wheat Bread RollsWheat Bread Rolls

Wheat Bread Rolls are made from whole wheat flour. These wheat bread rolls are perfect for any occasion and very easy to make.


Sweet Bread RollsSweet Bread Rolls

Sweet Bread Rolls are made from plain flour with plenty of sugar. These plain bread rolls are perfect for breakfast or evening snack with cup of tea or coffee.


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