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Chikoo Milkshake (Chikku Milkshake)Chikoo Milkshake (Chikku Milkshake)

Chikoo Milkshake (Chikku Milkshake) is made from tropical fruit chikoo or chikku (sapodilla or sapota). Chikoo Milkshake (Chikku Milkshake) is very healthy and refreshing drink in summer days.


Homemade Lemonade RecipeHomemade Lemonade Recipe

Homemade Lemonade Recipe is an easy lemonade recipe and it is very refreshing drink. Try this fresh homemade lemonade with real lemons.


 Sweet Lassi RecipeSweet Lassi Recipe

Sweet Lassi Recipe is made from yogurt. It is very famous as Punjabi lassi in India and in some parts of the world.


Mango Lassi RecipeMango Lassi Recipe

Homemade Mango Lassi Recipe is made from yogurt and ripe mango. It is famous as Punjabi mango lassi in India and in some parts of the world.


Strawberry Lassi (Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie)Strawberry Lassi (Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie)

Strawberry Lassi (Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie) is a brilliant refreshment drink for summer time.


Sherbet PunchRose Sherbet Punch

Rose Sherbet Punch is very refreshing summer drink. This rose sherbet punch is made from rose syrup, pineapple, lemon and cardamoms.


Flavoured Milk

Saffron Milk (Kesar Milk)Saffron Milk (Kesar Milk)

Saffron Milk (Kesar Milk) is made with saffron. Saffron Flavoured Milk is delicious beverage before the bedtime.


Banana Milk RecipeBanana Milk Recipe

This is simple Banana Milk Recipe is made with blending banana with milk. Banana flavoured milk is healthy milk as it is one of 5 a day.


Badam Milk Recipe (Almond Milk)Badam Milk Recipe (Almond Milk)

Badam Milk Recipe (Almond Milk) is made with blending soaked almonds with milk. Almond flavoured milk is healthy milk as it is one of 5 a day.


 Banana Almond Milk RecipeBanana Almond Milk Recipe

Banana Almond Milk Recipe is made with blending bananas and soaked almonds with milk. Banana Almond flavoured milk is healthy milk as it is two of 5 a day.


Hot Drinks

Ice Matcha Latte RecipeIce Matcha Latte Recipe

Ice Matcha Latte Recipe represents a tasteful variation from the classical matcha tea, highly popular in Japan and used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.


Massala Chai Latte RecipeMassala Chai Latte Recipe

Massala chai is a flavored tea blend made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Massala Chai beverage is highly popular worldwide, but a little inspiration does come in handy on a dull day when you make Massala Chai Latte Recipe.


Earl Grey Tea Latte RecipeEarl Grey Tea Latte Recipe

This Earl Grey Tea Latte recipe is so simple, that you can try it even if you’re no master chef in the kitchen. Take 10 minutes to prepare it and enjoy this foamy drink.


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