May 052013

What Is The Difference Between Meat Eaters VS Vegetarians?

Though there are several differences between meat eaters vs vegetarians but some of the major health differences among them are being discussed in brief in this article. There are many health benefits of vegetarian diets but it needs much more efforts than meat eaters. Both types of diets have their own positive and negative effects on the health of their eaters. Even different health issues are noticed among the vegetarian people who strictly live on vegans from those who add egg, fish or poultry to their diet. Moreover amount of meat you eat also affect the health of meat eaters in same proportion. So generally found health difference between meat eaters vs vegetarians is given here under:

Meat Eaters VS VegetariansMeat Eaters VS VegetariansDeficiency in nutrition:

Vegetarians are found at higher risk of nutritional deficiencies as compared to meat eaters as they considerable lack animal proteins in their diets. Deficiencies of vitamin B12, iron, protein and calcium are abundantly found in the restricted vegetarian diets. The essential block building proteins like amino acids are found in lesser quantity in plant proteins with an exception of soy as compared to meat diets. To equalize the amount of amino acids needed by the body vegetarian people have to eat more than meat eaters. Similarly iron content absorbed by your body supplied by vegetarian foods like beans, lentils, spinach etc. is much lesser then that from meat. You will have to eat higher quantity of vitamin C foods to absorb higher quantity of iron from the plant foods. Some of the vegetables increase the risk of calcium deficiency as they reduce the absorption of this vital content causing weak bones among vegetarians who avoid consuming even dairy products.

Difference in body mass index:

Excessive body mass is normally found among the meat eaters which had increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases among them as compared to vegetarians, strict vegans or who add poultry and eggs. As per various surveys made on people eating different types of food divided into four sectors including meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, poultry eater vegetarians and strict vegans had revealed the fact that except meat eaters all the three vegetarians have lesser body mass index. Consumption of low fiber and high protein meat diets among meat eaters increase the risk of higher body mass index.

Risk for cancers:

There are mixed results among the studied of possibility of cancers among vegetarians and meat eaters. Several studies have revealed the fact of lesser chances of cancers among vegetarians as they get protective benefits from plant foods as compared to meat eaters but higher chances of risk of colorectal cancer are found among vegetarians.

Risk for heart problems:

It has been revealed through several studies that the lower cholesterol levels among vegetarians as compared to met eaters save them from several heart problems. Most of the vegans under studies were found with lowest levels of bad cholesterol, and triglycerides whereas meat eaters under observation were found with highest levels of these risk prone ingredients which increase the risk of heart problems among meat eaters.

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