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Simple Shepherds Pie Recipe with spicy potatoes and parsnips mashed is mince lamb cooked with lots of vegetables, layered with spicy potatoes and parsnips mashed and baked in oven.

Cooking Time: Appr. 20-30 Minutes
Serves: 4-5 People

Simple Shepherds Pie Recipe with Spicy Potatoes and Parsnips Mashed


350g lamb mince
3-4 garlic cloves
3 red onions
1 pack of button mushrooms
3 sticks celery
½ cup green peas
2 medium carrots
1 tinned chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 spring fresh rosemary
2 knorr chicken stock or knorr vegetable stock
2 tablespoon Worcester sauce
1 teaspoon dried mixed herbs
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2-3 tablespoon plain flour
100g grated cheddar cheese
Salt to taste
Freshly crushed black pepper powder
Spicy potatoes and parsnips mashed

Simple Shepherds Pie Recipe

Cooking Method:

1. Crush the garlic and chop the rosemary.

2. Chop the onions, peel the carrots and chop it.

3. Cut the mushrooms in halves. Chop the celery.

4. Wash the lamb mince. Mix the lamb mince with salt, crushed black pepper, flour and half of the chopped rosemary in a bowl.

5. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the crushed garlic, stir for a minute.

6. Add the mince lamb. Cook until brown.

7. Add the onions, cook until soft.

8. Add the mushrooms, celery and carrots. Stir continuously for 2 mins.

9. Add the tinned chopped tomatoes. Cook 3-4 mins. Stir in between.

10. Add the peas, vegetable or chicken stock and Worcester sauce. Cook 3-4 mins. Stir in between.
Add the chopped rosemary and crushed garlic. Simmer for 20 mins. Stir every so often to avoid meat sticking to the pan.

11. Preheat the oven at 220 degree C.

12. Pour the mince lamb in ovenproof dish. Add the spicy potatoes and parsnips mashed and spread evenly.

13. Sprinkle the grated cheddar on the top of the simple shepherds pie recipe.

14. Bake the simple shepherds pie recipe for 20-30 mins in preheated oven.

Serve this simple shepherds pie recipe warm as main course with your choice of side dish.

Simple Shepherds Pie Recipe

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