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Caramel Cream is light and wobbly dessert for any occasion. Here is simple caramel cream recipe.

Caramel Cream Recipe


For The Caramel Cream Recipe:

500ml Milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 eggs
50g Sugar

For The Caramel Sauce:

50g Sugar
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon lemon juice

How to prepare Caramel Cream Recipe:

1. Pour the milk into suitable pot. Put it on the hot plate and boil it with the vanilla dissolve into it. Pay attention not to boils the milk over or burns it because that will affect the taste.

2. In a another big thermostat bowl beat the eggs with a mixer. If you do not have such an item don’t worry. You can do this on hand but it will cause a little more time and effort.

3. After having the eggs good beaten put the sugar to them and go a little more.

4. Slowly ad- mix the hot milk with the eggs. Agitate all the time while mixing them and continue doing it since the sugar is completely dissolve. Put this mix away to cool until you do the caramel sauce.

5. Put the sugar, lemon juice and the water on the hot plate on highest possible temperature. Agitate fast and constantly. This here is one of the key spots making the dessert. Be careful not to leave it on the hot plate for longer time because it will attach the taste.

6. When it became liquid and the sugar acquire golden colour you are ready. Now it is time to divide the caramel sauce into four personable, handsome dessert bowls. Consider this choice precisely. If you do not have the proper bowls for this case you can ask a neighbour to borrow one for you. Have in mind that your beloved one will consume in this bowl.

7. After you made this choice and apportion the same quantity of caramel, inundate each one bowl with the milk mixture. Trim them into a big pan and put warm water to the middle of the bowls.

8. Bake it into preheated oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes. Pay attention to the water not to boil because this will wrack the dessert. If you doubt that the water is getting pretty hot just add some cool.

9. Take time to your Caramel Cream to cool. It is better not to put in the fridge to rush the process but to have enough time to naturally do so. My suggestion is to prepare it the day before Valentines Day or at least four hours before the dinner.

Serve Caramel Cream Recipe chilled or warm.

Amanda Miles is a writer and blogger passionate about cooking and food. With over ten years of experience running End Of Tenancy Cleaners, Amanda has lots of knowledge to share with her readers.

  3 Responses to “Saint Valentine Dessert – Caramel Cream Recipe”

  1. Yummy! Is this similar or the same as flan? 🙂

  2. It’s an awesome dessert indeed.
    Next time you make it you can try tweaking it a little.
    I make it in a cake mold. When the caramel is ready I stick some croissants to it (preferably chocolate) and then proceed. When it’s ready the taste is Divine!

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