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A lot of people today are getting more conscious about their health and they are choosing vegetable as part of their overall diet. Preparing vegetables takes time especially those who have a busy schedule and they end up eating non quality food choices. However, you can still achieve a healthy lifestyle and still make vegetables as your diet program. How to find the quick and easy ways to prepare vegetables? Follow these 9 quick and easy tips:

1. Have the right tools and learn its uses: Find a good chef’s knife and study how to use them properly. Keep it sharp. When you can cut a load of vegetables in a few minutes, you are doing great with a chef’s knife. A chef’s knife of your own doesn’t need to be expensive. There are these kinds of knives in a cheap price but are sure to serve you for the rest of your life. Fast chopping requires gradual practice. Don’t take it seriously on the first time. You need constant practice on your speed and eventually you will chop like a pro. A food processor is also a good tool to make vegetables preparation quick and easy. Kitchen slicer pro is a good option as it is especially made to cut veggies and even fruits.

Quick And Easy Ways To Prepare Vegetables - Kitchen Slicer Pro

Quick And Easy Ways To Prepare Vegetables – Kitchen Slicer Pro

2. Set up your work space: If you are running while doing the stuffs in the kitchen, then you are wasting your time. Try setting up your work space so you can chop veggies right next to the stove and just “drop and chop” veggies easily. Put a trash can below you and a container for putting the chopped veggies in it.

3. Choose vegetables that can be easily prepared: Choose vegetables that don’t have the tendency to be dirty, vegetables that aren’t difficult to chop and do not need fussy efforts to be peeled off. These are the veggies perfect when you don’t want to cook for a dinner. Asparagus, cabbage and zucchini are the veggies that can be easily prepared in seconds.

4. Chop once, eat lots: Chop veggies left from your veggies drawer from time to time and sauté them all in a pan with olive oil. You can put the spices you want and have them as a side dish.

5. Or don’t chop: Roasting and grilling vegetables with spices are a good way to concentrate its flavors. It is best with vegetables whole or vegetables cut in large pieces.

6. Order in the pan: In cooking veggies, start with the ones that takes longer time to cook and the ones that gives aroma such as onions, followed with denser veggies like broccoli or cauliflower, then with the lesser dense such as zucchini and mushrooms and end up with greens.

7. Cook quick ones: It takes few seconds to cook garlic until it releases its aroma. Add the veggies and a squeeze of lemon, enjoy your meal!

8. Let someone else do the preparation: If you think you can’t do it, let someone else do it for you. Furthermore, you can buy veggies that have already been chopped and ready to cook. There are also canned slices of veggies – mushrooms in case – that will only take you few minutes to cook at home. No need to do the slicing and chopping.

9. A new attitude: Love the way you chop. You can do the task while listening to music to enjoy it even more.

Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. By just doing the right technique and using the appropriate tools, preparing vegetables can be so much fun. Hope you like these 9 tips for quick and easy ways to prepare vegetables.

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