May 052013

Out of the Kitchenette and into the Kitchen

For many with a passion for cooking the urge may be there to move from home-cooking, cooking for friends and charity functions and events or catering for small events from home to a large professional kitchen. This might seem daunting and different, but if you want to move your passion and hobby from a side-project to your career or business it is a logical step to take.

Setting up is often the most stressful part of launching a new kitchen as there are deadlines to meet, pipes to install and bills to pay, all before making any money or doing what you really love; cooking!

 Into The KitchenMake a plan

This can’t be stressed enough, if you are working to a deadline you should know the date and work backwards from there with everything you need to do before that point. With another plan for spending and budget alongside it so you don’t run out of money half way through.

Think about the finer points

It’s not just kitchen equipment, oven installation and finding a supplier you need to think about. Additionally, you need to think about staffing, branding and work wear. If you are catering events, have a small shop with waiters or a bar your staff and you need to look the part. Hospitality clothing comes in a range of styles so you need to think about what is right for your kitchen. Will you be on show as the chef, do you want to go for typical chef whites or an aprons? Do you want your staff in bar shirts or casual clothes with aprons?


Have you set up a facebook page and twitter account to gain followers and fans before you open? It is a great way to create hype around your launch night, share recipes, menu ideas and images of the kitchen’s progress. By following local media, press and radio as well as businesses, tourist and what’s on groups on twitter you will begin to network without even leaving the kitchen (or wherever you choose to use your computer). As you approach the opening advertising spaces in local papers and inviting in reviewers from promotional websites, newspapers and bloggers for taster meals is a great way to get exposure, not to mention practice your menu for real customers.

Stand out

As with your work wear and appearance you want your kitchen to stand out and be unique. Whilst you wait to open your thoughts will be entirely focused on the opening, so why not utilise your time worrying to think creatively of how your business can stand out, be different and last.

Lastly, enjoy it. Don’t forget why you got into the kitchen, you love to cook. Keep cooking and doing what you love.

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