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Lemon Pickle Recipe (Nimbu Achar Recipe) is a tangy and spicy pickle made using Indian pickle recipe.

Making Time: 15 Days and more for the best lemon pickle
Serve: 1 small Jar

Lemon Pickle Recipe


8-10 fresh lemons
2 tablespoon turmeric powder
1½ cups indian pickle masala
¾ cup salt
1 cup peanut or mustard oil

Nimbu Achar Recipe

How To Make Lemon Pickle Recipe (Nimbu Achar Recipe):

1. Wash the lemons, then pat dry with kitchen towel or paper and cut them in quarters.

2. Now in a large bowl add the lemon quarters, salt and turmeric powder. Mix well all together. Let the lemons marinade for at least six to eight hours.

Lemon Pickle3. Then lay the news paper or any paper down on surface level under the sunlight (balcony or terrace) and place each lemon quarter leaving a little space in between. Let the lemons dry for 4-5 hours or overnight in room temperature.

4. Heat the oil in a pan until smoking hot then turn the heat off. Let the oil completely Nimbu Acharcool off.

5. In a big and wide pan or plate, add the marinade lemons and the pickle masala. Mix very well until each lemon coated with the pickle masala.

6. For storing: Get the a airtight glass, plastic or ceramic jar (ceramic jar are normally used to store pickles in indian cuisine). Add the layers of lemon in the jar (make sure you keep the lemons in the gap to avoid the air gap). Add the leftover pickle masala on the top.

7. When all lemons and pickle masala are arranged, pour the oil over it. Make sure the lemons are properly under the oil. Keep jar under sunlight for 15 days for the best lemon pickle recipe.

8. Store in cool and dry place. This lemon pickle stays edible for over an year. But make sure oil covers the lemons and pickle masala. You can add more oil, if the oil is getting down by following step 4.

Serve the lemon pickle recipe (nimbu achar recipe) on side with indian curries or Indian food.

Nimbu Ka Achar

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