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Is really is soy bad for health or not? All across the globe right from China to the US, you’d find bumper crops of Soy and this wonder crop is also subsidised by most governments as it’s a healthy crop and one of the best sources of protein for the poor.

You may have heard about Soy and the negative effects it has on men’s health. However, even though you’ve probably given up on soy milk and if you’ve stayed away from your favourite tofu you may think that you’re safe, but there’s soy in plenty of other food items too.

If you look into various breads, cookies, burgers and may be even your favourite pizza you’d find soy as a minor ingredient. However, the amount isn’t as high and concentrated and therefore you shouldn’t really bother about it. After all, anything in excess is bad and having it in small quantities shouldn’t harm you as much.
Soy Bad For Health

Is Soy Bad For Health Or Not?

Soy is also genetically modified and soy !!

There are plenty of men across the globe who now hate Soy for its hormone misbalancing properties (Note that there’s still research in this sector), but to make matters worse you should know that most of the soy grown in the US is genetically modified.

You may say that Asian countries have been consuming Soy for thousands of years and they’re all fine, then what’s the big deal in us having a bit of it every now and then? Well, to speak the truth, soy in the Asian countries where it’s still a delicacy is served fermented. However, the forms in which we consume it today aren’t fermented at all and that’s the reason as to why we consider it as a dangerous health food.

Why should Soy be fermented?

We all know that soy comes from soybeans which are grown on a plant. The beans contain various anti-nutrients and some of them are: trypsin inhibitors, phytoestrogens and also phytates.

Whenever we ferment soy these anti-nutrients lose their powers and are rendered useless. Phytoestrogens worry males across the globe as they interfere with testosterone and cause their levels to drop.

Men need testosterone not just for sexual mobility, but also to retain their bone density and muscle mass. However, it’s not just men that need to fear non-fermented soy. When tests were conducted on mice, it was found that female mice that consumed soy delivered male mice that were less fertile and at times even underdeveloped. This is how soy bad for men.

Vegans need to watch out

Vegans all across the globe took to soy as a source of protein. Most of them did consume it within limits as they’d know that anything in excess would have negative effects, but there were a few people, not just vegans who overdid the soy fab and went on consuming it like water.

If you feel that you’ve consumed too much of it, you should make it a point to check your testosterone levels and while you’re at it you should probably get your thyroid checked too. However, these are just statements from a lay man who’s keeping in touch with the news. You should consult your doctor in order to get more information on this subject. A dietitian and nutritionist would be the best option for such cases.

What are the other alternatives?

You may ask, if soy bad for health then what are my other alternatives. The answer really depends on your body’s needs. If you’re lactose intolerant and were relying on soy milk, you should try coconut milk or maybe almonds and oats to supplement your proteins.

If you’re just looking for ways to keep soy out of your diet you should try and stick to whole grain diets as then you’d know that there’s no soy mixed into it. This would help maintain your testosterone levels naturally.

If you’re looking for more information on dieting and nutrition check out what Adelaide Nutritionist David Finn says on his website. I find some of the blog posts really intriguing.

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