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How to Proof the yeast: Yeast proofing is an important process of baking. Yeast is main ingredient which makes the dough to rise when you leave the dough for rising and bake the baking products. Here is the simple and easy way to check your yeast is active yeast or not.

Proofing Time: Appr. 10 Minutes

How To Proof The Yeast


Lukewarm water as says in the recipe
Yeast as says in the recipe
Sugar as says in the recipe

How To Proof The Yeast:

1. Take the lukewarm water. Lukewarm water’s temperature is between 110 and 115 degrees F & 43 and 46 degree C warm water. It is about the temperature as baby bath water and baby’s milk bottle.

2. Add the sugar and dissolve it.

Proofing YeastHow To Proof The YeastProofed YeastProofing Yeast







3. Sprinkle the yeast in to the lukewarm water and dissolve it gently.

4. Now let the yeast mix sit for 10 mins.

5. After 10 mins yeast will be foamy. The mix will be bubbly on the top. If there is no bubble on the top means yeast is out of date. See the 1st picture of proofed yeast.

5. Now you can use this mix to make the dough.

Tips and Notes:

Always check the expiry date on yeast pack before buying and make sure the date is long to be expired. Using expired yeast can cause your bread to stay flat without rising and make a tough, hard, chewy loaf rather than the light, fluffy.

It is better to use the thermometer to check the correct temperature of water for yeast proofing. Hot water can kill the active yeast.

Never add salt for proofing yeast. Salt also kill the active yeast.

Don’t move the proofing yeast bowl when yeast is proofing. Yeast should be sit without disturbance.

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