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heavenly coffee

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Coffee is nature’s way of showing us she hasn’t given up on mankind just yet. It’s not just a bean or a beverage; it’s a culture, a socio-political statement, an expression of one’s personality, a sentiment that binds the universe, in spite of its diversity. Different countries may see it in different lights, cultivate it differently and even have it differently. However, some countries just do it much, much better than others, thanks to nature’s favoured hand and some help from technology. Let’s go around 5 countries that have shaken the coffee-drinking population with their mind-numbingly awesome heavenly coffee, and then some more.

1) Indonesia

Behold the country that gave us two coffees that have shaped our very definition of the bean- the Java coffee and the Sumatran coffee. Java- probably, the world’s most famous coffee- comes from the island of the same name. It comes with a very heavy body, but is also less acidic. Java coffee is full of earthy flavours, with a subtle herby finish, and smoky spicy twists. Thick, smooth, rich and dark, java coffee, very subtly manages to capture every essence that is typical to Indonesia. Sumatran coffee, on the other hand, perfectly captures the wild tropical terrain of the island of Sumatra. It’s earthy, deep, forest-like temper, and syrupy spicy, velvety chocolate-with-a-hint-of-butterscotch after-tone, is what makes the Sumatran coffee, one sinfully exotic experience. Perhaps it’s the perfect balance of topography, technology and minimum urbanisation; these heavenly coffees can easily be called “heaven in a mug” for most coffee-lovers.

2) Kenya

The well-travelled will know that Kenya offers not only a bucket list of awesome national parks and wildlife reserves, but also a breathtaking kaleidoscope of geographical beauty, right from endless pastures, to deep forests, to imposing mountains. Amidst all this, Kenya also happens to offer some glorious coffee. Kenyan coffee (one of the heavenly coffee indeed) is lush with a burst of intense flavours, fresh citrusy tones, all capped with good hints of lemon zest. This coffee’s flavours range from fresh lemony, to spicy peppery, to abundantly winy- perfectly reflecting Kenya’s complex yet beautifully vibrant landscape. And might we add, it is certainly not for those who like a lot of subtlety and delicacy.

3) Guatemala

If it’s anything that Guatemala is famous for, it’s for giving us one of the world’s best coffees. Guatemalan is a heavenly coffee producer made coffee heaven on the earth. Guatemalan coffee comes packed with rich complex flavors and offers aromas so blissful, it’s heady.  The coffee from this part of the world offers a pleasant and a very natural full cup. Infused with a deep body, strikingly fruity notes and mild hints of chocolate and cinnamon, Guatemalan coffee promises you an exciting burst of flavors waiting to explode in your mouth.

4) Jamaica

Jamaica instantly brings to mind a postcard picture of palm trees, shattering blue sea, pristine white sands and some nice reggae music. In addition to this, what Jamaica also gives the world, is some smooth Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee- which also happens to be not only one of the rarest varieties of coffee, but also the most expensive. Jamaican coffee has a very prominent sweet fragrance and fruity flavours. In spite of its silky smooth mildness, it is often unusually creamy (nevertheless, delicious!) with nutty and chocolaty overtones minus all the bitterness. Never expect this coffee to come for a good bargain. If Blue Mountain Coffee is cheap, then it isn’t Blue Mountain coffee.

heavenly coffee

Image Source : Flickr

5) Brazil

The warm sun, the food, the lively culture; what is left to love about this country? Oh, wait. There’s the world-famous coffee. Brazil is one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of coffee. Your usual espresso is an example of Brazilian coffee put to good use. However, Brazil doesn’t offer the ideal conditions for coffee cultivation, lending the typical coffee bitterness as we know it. If you get your hands on some excellent quality Brazilian coffee, you’ll experience a sensational burst of flavours that are a blend of soft nutty notes, with significant hints of bittersweet chocolate

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Olivia Carter is a die-hard coffee fan and loves anything that has the word ‘coffee‘. She believes tea made from coffee leaves have the best taste. Being a foodie, she blogs about different cuisines that she comes across.

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