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Gulab Jamun is sweet deep fried dough balls in the syrup. Gulab Jamun Recipe is very common and popular Indian dessert recipe and mostly cooked in festive seasons.

Cooking Time: Appr. 15 Minutes
Serves: 10 People

Gulab Jamun Recipe


1 cup milk powder
¼ cup plain flour
3 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter) or unsalted butter
1½ cup sugar
¼ cup whole milk
1½ cup water
½ teaspoon cardamom powder
½ teaspoon nutmeg powder
1 tablespoon almonds flakes and pistachio
A pinch of baking soda
Oil for deep-frying

Gulab Jamun

Cooking Method:

1. Sugar syrup for gulab jamun: Heat the water in a large pan, add sugar, half of nutmeg powder and half of cardamom powder. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 5 mins until sugar dissolved and syrup looks bit thicker. Keep stirring to speed up the process. Set the gulab jamun syrup aside.

2. How to make Gulab Jamun: take the plain flour, milk powder, remaining nutmeg powder, remaining cardamom powder and baking soda in a mixing bowl. Add the ghee (clarified butter) or unsalted butter and mix well. Add the milk to make soft dough (it will be sticky). Let the dough sit for a few mins. If the dough is dry, add a little milk, as the dough should be soft. Dry dough will make your gulab jamun break in pieces while frying them.

3. Knead the dough well. Grease your hands with ghee or butter before working with the dough to make gulab jamun balls.

4. Divide the dough into about 20 equal portions and roll them into round balls.

5. Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Once the oil heated, deep fry the gulab jamun by placing them gently in the pan. Don’t overcrowd them as gulab jamun will expand in size. Deep fry gulab jamun until they are dark brown on medium heat for at least 7 mins per batch.

6. Place the gulab jamun in the hot syrup when they are cooled off. Leave the gulab jamun in hot syrup for at least 30 mins before serving.

Serve gulab jamun recipe warm or chilled as a dessert.


Gulab Jamuns

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