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As a very healthy and natural ice cream, gelato is very popular since it is made from natural ingredients, fresh milk and has low fat content but high vitamins, calcium and enriched in protein.

How Gelato is made

The word Gelato refers to an Italian ice cream which is a sweet treat and is generally served frozen. It is generally made up of milk, cream and sugar and the favor is given by using a lot of chocolates, fruits and nuts. Actually it is something more than a natural ice cream since it contains pure and fresh ingredients and no ice cream. Besides artificial flavors and fillers are not added to it. Due to addition of lot of natural ingredients, it gives a very strong flavor and has very less fat content. By eating gelato, you can get more than ice cream because no air is pumped into it and you can get more than ice cream since it is a creamier and denser product and hence the same volume of gelato weighs more than the same volume of ice cream. It is available in a variety of flavors.

Gelato - An Italian Ice CreamPopularity of gelato

Gelato is considered to be a very popular ice cream and is usually taken after having a heavy Italian meal. It not only has a delicious taste but its colorful appearance makes it appealing to your eyes. Nowadays, it is considered to be a popular dessert for all Italian occasions like wedding reception, birthday party, entertaining guests and so on. Nowadays you can always get various types of colorful gelato in almost all grocery chain stores and has made a name for itself as a healthy ice cream. For almost all Italian restaurants have made it the most unique dessert menu having bold flavors and numerous recipes and are really feasting for your eyes as well as your taste buds. Besides, it has received a great acceptance as the best substitute for ice cream with various health benefits like low fat content and low calories. Moreover, it is very light, simple and easy to digest and also easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Gelato Recipes

Since the popularity of gelato is on the rise, it is the liking for almost everyone to have some of the best gelato recipes after having a full course Italian meal because it is delicious as well as easy to digest. Some of the most popular recipes are custard cream gelato, triple chocolate gelato, peach gelato and strawberry gelato which are liked by most people. Besides, other recipes can also be made using a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, gelato recipes can be made using fruits and vegetables combination like mango cucumber, banana beet, banana carrot, strawberry celery, orange basil, lime chili mango, sweet corn thorn tree honey and many other types. Also, eggs are used to make some gelato recipes.

Health Benefits of Gelato

Eating gelato can give you a lot of health benefits because it is a healthy ice cream made from natural fruits and vegetables and has very less fat content. Besides, it is made from milk rather than cream with which ice cream is made and hence is good for your health. Since it is enriched with fruits and nuts, it has high protein content which is essential for our diet. Further it contains high vitamins due to lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and is high in calcium because of addition of fresh milk.

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