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If you live in London especially North London you must have heard of Dunn’s Bakery. Established back in 1820 in Highgate it has then moved over to Crouch End. The bakery has been very active over the year in the local area. They help the local retailers y get their fresh ingredients from local butchers and Broadway Fruiterers.

Dunn’s Bakery – One Of The Oldest Bakeries In North LondonThey also support local initiative and charity events such as the National Doughnut Week, during which they sell their famous doughnuts to raise money for The Children’s Trust. The bakery is also famous as they welcome schools to visits as well as taking students for work experience.

As well as using fresh and local ingredients, Dunn’s Bakery is very proud of using its own traditional recipes and tools. You won’t find any find conveyor belt in the back room. Everyone takes the time to make each cake unique. They still use ancient bread ovens which give that traditional look to the bread.

Dunn’s bakery is famous in the local area of Crouch End for their doughnuts as well as their pastries and savouries. They can also prepare food catering for large companies or parties. If you’re hosting a specific religious party or a wedding, Dunn’s will be able to get your baked goods ready on time.

Cakes For Any Occassions

At Dunn’s you’ll find all sorts of cakes for any events you can imagine: religious cakes for christening or baptism. Birthday cake for Children as well as adults whether you are looking for an animal cake, a photo cake or a normal sponge cake. You’ll also find a wide range of cakes for weddings, from cupcakes to contemporary or classic cakes.

If you can’t find a cake you like you can ask for your own personal cake to be designed by the team of bakers. They will accept the challenge and bake the cake you wish to have for your special occasion.

Recently they launched their online bakery. No need to go to the shop you can order their products online and pick them up once they are ready or get them delivered to your home. They will still have the same freshness and wonderful taste as if you had bought them from the shop.

If you are in North London, especially Crouch End, Dunn’s Bakery is a place you have to visit for a sweet break. Or you could enjoy their wide range of sandwich for a wonderful lunch around Crouch End.

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