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Perfect Fresh Food Display

Fresh Food Display- Image Source Flickr

If you happen to work in a food establishment you will notice that it has a fresh food display. Whether this is a supermarket, cafe, restaurant or hotel, having fresh food on display for all to see can work wonderfully well as a marketing tool. This is also a great way to arrange perishable items of food to ensure that it stays fresh for longer. However, you will also need to take down this type of display of a daily basis, as the food will simply go off, stale or rot overnight. With that being said, this is a great way to keep a close eye on your stocks and simply throw anything away that has gone past its shelf life. This post will now introduce you to the perfect way to put fresh food items into a display.

Display Instructions

Perfect Fresh Food Display

Fresh Food Display- Image Source Flickr

You should be aware that certain foods should never be displayed together, as they don’t store very well in each other’s company. A prime example of this is that fruits such as apples and tomatoes produce ethylene and a wide variety of leafy vegetables react rather oddly to the presence of ethylene, typically making go past their prime a lot quicker than usual.

A great display of fresh food will usually be arranged into specific themes. This will mean that certain colours will go together and certain food items will be kept together. So you may have a specific section for peppers, but will have all the red peppers displayed together and the same goes for the green and yellow peppers. You could have a completely different section which displays all the tropical fruits together. This kind of display also makes it far easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

The items of foods that typically last longer, such as onions and apples, should be put together in the middle of the display, whereas more perishable items should be nearer to the aisles. If you keep certain fruits or vegetables in fridges then the fresh food stocks of these items should be very close by. This will allow customers to either pick up fresh foods from the display or go straight to the refrigerator.

One of the most popular types of fresh produce displays is when items of food are stacked in a tiered step theme. This enables your customers to easily get to whatever they need, as well as creating an extremely attractive food display. Many supermarkets now arrange shelves in a particular way to achieve this look.

You can also use a vast array of bowls and baskets within which to keep your fruits and vegetables. These can contain attractive designs, which catch people’s eye as they walk past and you can even arrange items of fruit outside the bowls if you’re feeling a little more creative. Basically, you want a display such as this to really catch your customers’ attention, whilst also looking as delicious and edible as possible. You may also find that people often buy items that they never intended to, as they were simply attracted to a particular display.

This post has been contributed by Anna David, an employee at Fresh Produce Displays. She is a tech enthusiast and she likes to keep herself updated with the latest trends. Visit www.freshproducedisplays.com.au for creative ideas and information regarding fresh product displays.

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