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Crispy Roasted Potatoes are perfect sides for any roast dinner. Even it can be eaten as a starter also with the seasoning of some fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Cooking Time:Appr. 50 Minutes
Serves: 4-5 People

Crispy Roasted Potatoes


1 kg baby potatoes
Olive oil for dipping the potatoes
Salt and freshly crushed black pepper
Salt for boiling potatoes

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Cooking Method:

1. Wash your potatoes in cold water.

2. Bring to the potatoes to boil with the salted water and cook for about 10-12 minutes, so that they are tender and half boiled and drain them.

3. Peel the potatoes and cut in halves. Toss with salt and pepper. You can leave whole baby potatoes as well but roast for a bit longer. You can reverse these steps – peeling first and then boiling.

4. Preheat the oven to 200 degree c.

5. Now here is the trick for real crispy roasted potatoes. Dip the potato one by one in oil and place in a baking tray. Finish dipping all.

6. Roast the potatoes for 40 mins or until it get golden crust on it.

7. Finally take the roasted potatoes out from the oven and season with salt and pepper before serving.

Serve crispy roasted potatoes as a side with any main course.

Variation Tips:

This is a basic crispy roasted potatoes recipe. You can add extra flavours while you are roasting it like garlic bulb (cut in half), fresh bay leave, lemon juice, add fresh herbs like chopped rosemary, thyme, sage, etc… , some butter instead of olive oil or whatever you think of to add some flavour into crispy roasted potatoes.

If you are cooking next day after boiling and cooling them, freeze them overnight. You don’t need to dip in the oil but toss with some butter and seasoning before roasting potatoes.

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

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