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How To Up Your Own Cocktail Bar

Two Newcastle cocktail fans had an innovative idea and set up the Cocktail Project out of a refurbished mobile library van. The project turned the mobile library into a travelling cocktail bar complete with luxurious fittings and fixings, plus a program of cocktail-making classes for parties and events. The project teaches people how to create perfect cocktails, and also to enjoy savouring the taste of premium spirits. You may not want to get involved in such an ambitious project, but the idea of setting up your own bar for a party or event is tempting. You get to have control over what you serve, you can be creative in serving your own cocktails, and you can have fun interacting with party guests and impressing them with your bartending skills. Here’s how to set up a cocktail bar in three easy steps, without breaking your party budget:

#1: Set up your space

You’ll need around a metre of bar space for every 30 people. This means that a small party doesn’t require much space for a bar. Once you have set up the actual bar, you can decorate it to suit your own style. There are so many different ways to decorate a cocktail bar – you are really only limited by your imagination. The décor will depend on the theme you set, so be creative and look online for examples of classic, retro, and fashionable bars.

How To Up Your Own Cocktail Bar

Portable bar services help you serve your cocktails

#2: Buy your equipment

If you are running a cocktail bar, as opposed to a traditional bar, you will need a variety of specialist equipment in order to create the cocktails. At the very least, you will need jugs, speed pourers, juice bottles, strainers, muddlers, tongs, mats to cover the bar, a knife, a chopping board, storage containers, ice buckets, and a wide range of glasses for different types of cocktails. You should be able to find most of this equipment at lower prices by purchasing in bulk. You’ll also need to use an ice crusher for most cocktails in order to get the right balance between taste and temperature.

#3: Choose your alcohol

This third step is probably the most important – after all, who wants a bar without any alcohol? If you can afford it, go for premium spirits that will give the cocktails a better taste and kick. You need vodka, gin, whisky, bourbon, and rum. Of course, don’t forget the mixers and the accompanying garnishes. Develop a cocktail menu so you know which mixers and other ingredients you need to buy. It can help to develop a theme for the party so you can develop your drinks list around the theme.

If all this seems like too much hard work – and it can be difficult to set up a cocktail bar for a party as well as run it throughout the night – then enlist the help of portable bar services. By hiring the bar and the cocktail equipment from a specialist provider, you can take advantage of a creative bar design and a full range of quality cocktails for your party.

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