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Even though these appliances – Bender and food processor are pretty common and almost everyone uses them, there are amateur chefs who struggle to use the blender for inappropriate purposes and end up wondering why the result is so disastrous. So, you are about to see several guidelines that will help you select the right appliance in order to obtain excellent results.

Blender Or Food Processor

A food processor and a blender are two different things

First of all, you have to understand that a blender can be successfully used when it comes to blending substances that include a great amount of liquid. Conversely, a food processor is an appropriate tool for non-liquid, hard ingredients. The appliance can julienne, mash, chop, pulverize, and split vegetables and fruits. Note that if you try to this with your blender, it will eventually begin smoking and stop working. Since they’re different appliances, they can do different things, and that’s why it is recommended to own both of them.

A blender can perform kitchen jobs like emulsifying, grinding, pureeing, and blending

You can utilize a blender when you prepare drinks and dishes like soups, liquid-based dips, smoothies, and all sorts of sauces. Besides, they can liquefy fruits if they aren’t too hard. Generally, blenders are used in bars, since they’re an excellent tool for making cocktails.

What a blender can’t do

You have to know that a blender isn’t able to chop or shred; it can pulverize, but it won’t chop. Therefore, if you want to process herbs, a blender can’t help you too much, since it will only mash them. Still, in case you need the herbs for pesto, it’s alright, but when it comes to other recipes, you should use a food processor.

Food Processor

A food processor can slice, grind, grate, shred, knead, and chop

Usually, food processors can be utilized when it comes to preparing vegetable chips, chopping chocolate, nuts, and other ingredients like these, mashing beans, and numerous other similar kitchen jobs. Due to its wide work bowl, this type of appliance is more appropriate when you need to process a larger quantity. Besides, you shouldn’t opt for a processor if you need to blend a small amount of ingredients; a blender is a much better option.

Do you really need both?

Keep in mind that food processors are costly, so you shouldn’t purchase one unless you truly need it. Besides, note that a food processor is not a crucial appliance, since you can definitely shred, knead, chop, slice, and mix ingredients by hand. Still, the truth is that it can perform all these jobs really fast and effectively, helping you save a lot of energy and time.
If you like spending time in your kitchen and trying all sorts of recipes, a food processor will come in handy. Generally, professional chefs have such an appliance in their kitchens, and they suggest those who are interested in purchasing one to wait for the sales. This way, they will be able to buy great models at really affordable prices. In case you don’t have enough space to deposit both appliances, you can search for a blender/processor combination. Anyway, quality should be your main concern when you purchase a tool like this, since you will want to use it for a long period of time.

Food Processor Or A Blender

How to choose the right food processor

You will come across a plethora of models and sizes, but specialists explain that it’s best to spend your money on the largest food processor you can find, and which features a powerful motor. Plus, you shouldn’t look for bargains, since you might end up with a tool that you will be able to use only a few times.


When you look for a food processor or blender, you need to pay attention to the motor size. Lower level motors won’t resist too much if they’re intensively utilized. Additionally, immersion blenders, which are also referred to as wand or hand blenders, can be used for preparing light foods, including purees and milkshakes. Certain models feature efficient chopping attachments which will permit them to chop foods in tiny quantities. Prior to spending your money on any of these two kitchen appliances, perform a thorough research online to make sure you’re making a sensible investment.

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