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Throwing a party can be one of the most fun things you will ever do, but don’t pretend for a minute it is not hard work. There are so many things that need to be arranged before the big day and everything needs to run smoothly. It can be the greatest party in the world, or it can turn into a complete disaster than you wish you never organized in the first place. One way of getting it right is choosing the correct company to hire to that will provide services at the party.

The biggest thing you have to get right is the catering. If a band is terrible you can put a CD on and people can still dance, but if you mess up the food there will be trouble. When you’ve never hired a company before it might be daunting, but you shouldn’t let it get to you because once you know what to look out for you can usually always find a company that delivers a great service. Use the following tips as a checklist and they should help you out a great deal.

How long have they been in business?

If someone has ran any business for a good number of years you know they are good at what they do, but in the catering industry it’s even more likely they can whip up some great food. That is because their whole business is built on reputation and when they can’t come up with the goods they will slowly run out of work and die. Just make sure they have worked in the same area for all that time, because anyone can move every few years once their reputation is ruined.

Ask for lots of references

A catering company should have plenty of references they can use if they’ve left everyone with a smile on their face. When you ask for any it needs to be at least 10-15 because it is easy to fake a reference. It’s not so easy trying to find more than ten people to lie for you. Don’t think you need to call everyone up because you can choose three names from the list at random and speak to them. The majority of people shouldn’t find it too hard to tell you the truth.

Go and see them

It’s always good showing up and speaking to the manager at their place of business as it allows you to get an idea of where they work and what their kitchen looks like. When you are spending a huge amount of money it’s always safer to tick all the boxes before you start feeling confident. While you are there you also get a chance to ask about other important things that are on your mind. The more you understand what is going on, the better you will feel.

6 Important Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Catering Company For Your Party

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Have a bite

This is the most important thing you will do, especially if you haven’t had lunch yet. It would be pretty crazy to hire a caterer without actually tasting the food. Imagine how you’d look if everyone started eating their food at the party only to start spitting it back out. Be very worried if they don’t offer you a sample and you should walk out of there as fast as you can. It’s definitely not worth the risk no matter how many times someone has been recommended.

What is your budget?

Some companies will be far too expensive for your needs and you will need to find one that falls into your budget. You need to decide if you’ll pay a little more if you find someone you love, or if you will try your luck with the next company. You could also try and negotiate a price, but don’t expect someone to give you a great discount unless your party is huge.

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