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After a long tiring week at work, going out for camping with family and friends might just be what you need to take the edge off. However, failing to carry the right equipment can turn the whole experience in to a dreadful nightmare, more like your weekday extending in to your weekend! So, depending on the type of camping you are going for be sure to check to make an equipment list which includes cooking tools (cooking tools list), and am not talking about just a spoon, cup and plate kind of thing, you need to have the real deal if you do want to have the best time in camp.

Contrary to popular belief, cooking on a campsite isn’t that different from your kitchen. With the right cooking tools list and you favorite spices in hand you won’t be missing compliments when you’re savoring the tasty dish around the camp fire. Still, keep in mind that you are going camping and not moving out of your house, this means keeping the luggage as light as possible. So which cooking tools for the camping should you carry and which are just complete dead weight?

Cooking Tools List For The Camping1. A single burner stove:

You want the lightest in the market, which is 0.45 kg or less. With a variety of solid fuel stoves, compressed gas stoves and liquid fuel stoves you are always assured of getting a heating source that meets up to your needs. However be sure to pick the one which requires the least maintenance and has the least weight.

2. Dishes:

Since camping is all about making the best of what you have, you could as well pack a few mugs and you are good to go. The beauty of mugs being that you can drink from them, eat from them, heat things in them, and measure food in them among other activities. Still, it pays to carry some plates and spoons for the sake of hygiene. All in all, try as much as possible to invest on dishes that have multiple uses, for example, a cup that can double up as a cutting board when turned upside down or better yet one that is de-flatable to save on space while packing.

3. Pots and pans:

In this case, your best choice of material should be between aluminum and titanium. Not only are they light in weight but they are also strong. The number of pots and pan you carry will depend on the number of people on your camping trip, for instance, a 4 liter pot and a 2 liter pot for more than 10 people. However, if you do plan to show off your exemplary gourmet skills then you might also want to throw in a frying pan, non-stick is the best.

4. Cleaning equipment:

The last thing you want is a grizzly bear showing up to your camp site just because the aroma of the unwashed dishes got the better part of it. It therefore goes unsaid that packing up a biodegradable detergent, a scouring pad, a drying towel and a bandana would be best for maintaining hygiene and keeping wildlife at bay.

5. Cutlery:

Forget about your fancy forks and spoons, camping is all about improvising. With this said you might want to invest on a camping cutlery set that provides you with light weight cutlery in different designs. You could even have a fork and spoon on the same handle, talk about saving on space.

Make your open air chef experience possible with these must have cooking tools list for the camping.

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