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Have you ever prepared a tea latte? Discover this interesting and popular mix between two beverages, tea and lattes – tea latte recipes, and learn how to make your own combination at home, for the delight of your guests.

Tea lattes have become popular in the last years, being a flavored and often a sweet combination between classic lattes and teas. The best part is that we can enjoy teas in this fashionable and sweet manner; however, lattes are not recommended when talking about weight loss or diabetes.

Very much similar to the classic lattes, the tea lattes recipes usually combine a concentrated brew of tea with frothy, foamy milk. One of the first steps to preparing your own sweet tea latte at home is to measure all the ingredients, too much or too little of a certain ingredient can spoil everything.

Next step is steeping the tea, which must be done at the right temperature and during the indicated time for each tea variety, otherwise the taste of the tea will also be spoiled.

Now it’s the time to froth the milk, by warming it and bringing it to a temperature near the boiling point.

The final step is to add the milk, sweeteners and different kind of toppings in your tea. Mix and match, that’s the main idea!

Here are 3 Tea Latte Recipes You Will Love, Just click the link to make tea latte recipes.

3 Tea Latte Recipes You Will Love3 Tea Latte Recipes You Will Love3 Tea Latte Recipes You Will Love

# 1 Ice Matcha Latte Recipe

# 2 Massala Chai Latte Recipe

# 3 Earl Grey Tea Latte Recipe

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